Monday, November 05, 2007

Striking Out

I am completely transfixed by the WGA strike and find myself refreshing Nikki Finke's site several times a day. As erratic as a writer as she is, she seems to be the only one doing the heavy lifting in terms of reporting. I am personally still chuckling at Jon Stewart, who managed to pretty much lay the whole thing out in typical tongue-in-cheek fashion.

I cannot believe how many non-WGA writers I know who think the Guild is being greedy and unreasonable. It is almost always a case of them not understanding the industry or the issues on the table, together with a little resentment at not being in the motion picture business. I had a friend-client (friendly client?) who is a successful (read: working) screenwriter call me today on an unrelated matter and we shared a laugh that we were both behind the Guild on this. The WGA is one nutty organization when it comes to mediating credit disputes, as he and I both learned during his dispute, but the Guild is pretty good about advocating on behalf of writers generally.

Also, I fell in love with a writer this weekend. I read this article from a link on Finke's page and was completely enchanted with the writer's voice. I have never, ever, sent an unsolicited email to a writer to praise him for his work, but Mr. Donnelly, the deputy editor of LA Weekly, got fan mail, and I now have a new friend. Wow. I have such admiration for people who can write like that. Also, my abiding crush on Sean Penn remains firmly intact. Whether or not you agree with his politics, which I do, he is genuinely and passionately opinionated, and those opinions are informed, which I find so damn attractive.

There are days when I think I could leave this city and move to the City of Angels. Today is one of those days. I think the only thing keeping me here at this point is my love for Seattle and the idea that three of the four siblings are local. I would lose my mind in LA after a year, if not sooner, but it is still something I have in the back of my mind. As between SF (and surrounding areas) and LA, I would much rather live in SF, but my interests and industry are in the most soulless city in the country.


Norm said...

Hahahah, this is an epochal, rare moment, because you have provoked me into defending Los Angeles. Bob knows how much I hate the place, but ...

Everything bad you've ever seen or heard or imagined about the place is true, but for soulless. LA is many things but not soulless. It's a twisted, schizoid soul with more personalities than Sybil, but it's got a soul. And there's some beauty in it; it can be saved. Check out Caleb Coppola's photos for the evidence.

And yeah, the "love-hate" switch has been pressed firmly over to "love" since we saw Blade Runner Sunday night. I'm now thinking hard about a get up early and make dim sum in Chinatown trip, only the $3.30 a gallon gas prices stopping me now ...

cornutt said...

You know what? I actually love LA. LA the city, not the burbs. My sister lives in LA and I got a real taste of it last visit.

All that said, it is a town of appearances, and I am a student of the soul. Also, the weather rarely changes, unless there is a fire.