Friday, November 09, 2007


I went to the Feist concert with Writer Guy on Wednesday and had a blast. I had planned on going with my brother and his GF, but my scalper let me down in terms of desirable seating, so I wrote it off. Writer Guy called me that morning and asked if I had any interest in going. I hesitated for a few minutes, as I wasn't sure I wanted to go to this or any concert with him, but finally agreed.

He ended up being a great concert date, even spinning me around and dancing during my current favorite tune of theirs. We did some strange tango thing, but mostly just bounced about. The seats were shit, at least by my standards (five rows back or not at all), but it was a good time. I love this video because this is pretty much how I react when I hear my favorite Feist tune:

Afterwards, we walked to his car and, as we got in, he remarked that it was the first time I had been in his car. I shot him a sideways look and asked him if this was some momentous occasion we were meant to commemorate, rolling my eyes for effect. He shook his head, laughing, and said I was probably the least romantic woman he had ever known. He then asked me, hypothetically, if we ended up together, what would be the anniversary of our first date. I snorted and said "sometime in January, 2008." He shook his head again and told me "just so you know, this is our fourteenth date." I lightly caressed his arm and told him that he had a bright future in Hallmark cards. Also, I sputtered, "no one keeps track of those sorts of things.*"

We headed towards my place and he put on this song that was so incredibly catchy, which was hard to do after a Feist concert. I couldn't believe how much I loved it and I was sort of dancing in the car. He thought that was incredibly amusing, especially since this was a song he avowedly "associates" with me." He ended up pulling over on the side of this city street, blasting his stereo, and we rocked out on the sidewalk. Stone cold sober, I might add. It was a great moment.

Here is the tune that I have already downloaded, which is by Seal. There is apparently no video (I think the album comes out next week), but damn if it isn't engaging as all get out:

Finally, hit a happy hour tonight with the pea and brother #4 and his GF, K. I had a wicked bad craving for a burger this week and there was only one place to go: Cascadia, for the mini burgers, with white cheddar, grilled onions and black truffle butter. Holy hell, we're looking at 7 miles tomorrow morning, but it was worth every bite.

* June 3, 1992 with B.

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