Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sappity Sappy Sap

I have a crush. That is all on that topic. Also, z, I take back everything bad I said about LA. It still holds true for the Valley, though.

I was half-heartedly seeing if I could do the "blog every day in the month of November" (NaBloPoMo, or some such awkward ass acronym). Right now, I don't have much to say.

On the writer's strike, however, the following kind of nutshells it:

Also, seeing this pretty much killed me. I was cringing throughout all of it and watching through my hands. And yet. It is awesome. It made me a little weepy, and I am certainly not prone to the weepy (unless I am in a dark theater). I still believe in happy endings. Yes, even those kinds.

Related: their inevitable appearance on Oprah.


Norm said...

Point taken! I also was not referring to the Valley :)

Norm said...

Oh and: this finally makes sense to me.

cornutt said...

So help me God, if you have never seen Dirty Dancing, I will trout you.

Norm said...

I've tried, Bob help me, I've tried, but unlike Top Gun there are no aerial combat sequences stuck in there to rekindle my interest.


Talix said...

Thanks for posting the writer's strike video. I had a vague idea; it's a little clearer now.

*hates Top Gun; loves Jennifer Grey's new nose*

cornutt said...

Tal: I am sort of tied up in the writers' strike for professional reasons. If you have any questions, ask away. I can advocate for both sides, but am firmly on the side of the writers. The black and curlies of it is that the producers and studio heads are offering their content online for free, yet charging their advertisers - that is, they are making money on free online downloads, but claiming that this is all just a promotional activity. A business cost. Except they are selling advertising space.

Thing is, in the future, we will all be watching internet tv in our floating cars, and then, where will the writers be? They already only get 2 cents on every DVD sale, and the industry won't even match that for online downloads.

Yeah. Am opinionated on this.

Norm: I will grant you that you might be in a time-warp where Dirty Dancing is concerned. There is a whole generation, pretty much my age, that caught it at the right time. It was scandalous (abortion, bad boy), old-fashioned, and just sort of endearing. I suspect, like many Patrick Swayze movies (e.g. Point Break), it loses something over the years. It wasn't my favorite, but it was a milestone flick. It isn't even a guilty pleasure - just more of a "remember when you saw that" kind of movie.