Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Runway Walking

Tonight was just one of those nights. I wanted to leave early, which in my line of work means before 7pm, and because I am back to public transportation, that means I am beholden to the bus schedule.

Seattle never really figured out mass public transportation - we are primarily dependent on buses. Mine picks me up in front of my condo and drops me off a block from my office. I cannot justify the expense in driving the 3.5 miles to work (gas, wear and tear on the car, parking), nor the inconvenience of in-city traffic on the way home. Moreover, the fact is that I prefer taking the bus - I usually am catching up on the NYTBR, NYT Magazine, or whatever book I happen to be reading, or, now that I have the iphone, surfing the web. Also, the people watching cannot be beat. The pea gets an annual bus pass from her work, but she drives anyway, so I use hers and incur no commuting costs. Aside from being dependent on the schedule, there is no downside to taking the bus.

For some idiotic reason, the buses run every fifteen minutes until 6pm, at which point they run every half an hour. That sounds a lot more convenient than it is, given that I can walk it home in about 40 minutes. If I miss one, there is no way in hell I am waiting around for 30 minutes when I can very nearly be home if I just hoof it.

Tonight, I decided to walk to the Whole Foods, which is about equidistant between my office and my house. I like this particular brand of cream cheese they carry and I wanted to pick up a few things. As I got up at 6:30 (to catch the 6:55 bus from Whole Foods), I realized it was raining. True Seattelites don't use umbrellas, as the rain is usually nothing more than an inconvenience, so it wasn't a big deal to walk a mile to the Whole Foods. Got in, got my stuff, and walked out as the bus pulled away. I was already quite damp and the rain had become a little heavier. I knew it would be a half an hour before another bus came, and as I was already almost halfway home, I walked.

Except I was in a suit and high heels. Holy hell, my feet are killing me. I am out of high heel-walking shape. I got home rumpled and looking like a drowned rat. And, of course, I have a dog. I think I logged close to 10 miles today, including the morning run/walk with Darbs.

I had this whole post idea about Greenlake and the idiots who inspire my morning "run rage," but I have already bored up this entry. In any event, Project Runway starts in about an hour, and I am suddenly motivated to fashion my ass to my couch. Also, Silent Bob is kicking my ass in Scrabulous.

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Talix said...

Why am I not at all surprised by that last bit? He just seems like someone with mad Skrabble sk1llz.