Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Surreal Life

Am writing this out for the sole purpose of reminding myself what a weird day I had. What an odd day altogether.

Got home after 2am last night - first time in years. Took a dear friend out who was utterly under the bus and had a kickass night. I was the designated driver, so it wasn't a boozy night, but we had a great time. We came thisclose to hitting 13 Coins at 2am, which would have really sealed the deal in terms of old school, but we decided to just go home.

Had one of the best conversations of my life upon my return, but that isn't the point of this story.

Today - no meaningful sleep, hit the row club at 7am, then the P and I had a date with the Clooney. More on the movie later, but suffice to say, I had a great time at the movies with Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Cheadle et al.

Come home and had another great conversation. So good, in fact, that when I hung up, I decided to make a few calls I had been avoiding, including one to my mother. She was glad to hear from me, not that pissed off that it took me a week to call her, etc. What struck me was how quickly she asked about my personal life. Holy shit. Wanted to know about "the guy" - and in far more detailed questions than she ever dared ask about B. My family - we are different from most others. No topic is off limits, and I am the absolute worst offender at that. You have to come to our house prepared to discuss anything and everything. Still, I was stunned. I have historically been the inquisitor and no one dared ask me anything personal. Either I have gone soft, or my family has a newfound sense of daring. It was, however, incredibly touching to hear the boys' opinion of the man in my life, and they barely know him.

The whole conversation was utterly nuts. And probably the longest conversation I have ever had with my mother.

But the day got weirder. I had a wild hair for Thai food and walked the 10 minute jaunt to Fremont. I had a host of errands to run up there, so Thai food was the last on my list. We (Darbs and I) crossed the bridge and even over the tunes in my ipod, I heard a whistle and a "HEY K! catcall. I looked up and saw a guy I hadn't seen since I got my masters at UW. He pulled up on the sidewalk (Fremont Bridge) and got out and hugged me. We had a brief catch up and promised to call each other and all that and I went about my way. I hit the grocery store, the pet store (for food) and was heading to my favorite takeout place to pick up my dinner.

Right in front of El Camino, I see B. Now, I got Fremont in the divorce, so I was unprepared to see him in my neck of the woods, especially while rocking the sports bra-tank top-shorts and baseball hat look. He seemed stunned to see me, too, and when I saw him, I didn't really slow down (or even turn off the ipod) and just nodded "hey, B." Of course, he wanted to talk, but I just said "hey, listen, I have to run. Have a great night. Talk soon" and kept going. I was really polite, though.

Literally five steps later, this guy asks me if he can pet Darby. I stopped and let him rub down the girl and he....well, he was kind of nuts. He laid down on the sidewalk, which was beyond bizarre, and played with Darby. He was a great looking guy, but entirely too short for my tastes. Shaved head, piercing eyes, but short. I would have bet a c-note that he was gay, but then he unequivocally hit on me. It was surreal - telling me how beautiful he thought I was (NB: aforementioned attire), asking if I had a boyfriend or was married, what was I doing later -- entirely surreal. Although I didn't turn around, I am guessing B witnessed the whole thing. The weird little man handed me his card, hugged me, kissed me on the cheek and I went about my way. Absofuckinglutely nuts.

Finally got my takeout and headed home. Right after I crossed the bridge, I hear a horn honking incessantly. It is an old law school buddy of mine, heading to Fremont for a night on the town. He was yelling out the window at me, telling me to call him. I waved and nodded, and then my phone started blowing up with his calls. He just got engaged and was having a boys' night to celebrate and begged me to be there. I told him I would try, and, as it is now 10:30pm and I got little sleep last night, I am thinking I won't make it. I'm thinking he will get over it. I have had enough of Fremont for the night.

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