Monday, June 04, 2007

I Like Lists

It felt like we were gone a lot longer than we were and I had only missed four days of work. But damn is it a PITA to get things back to normal. Let's review, shall we?

1. When I picked up Darby, I was advised she had had bloody stools that morning. Bloody stools? She was eating her regular food and hasn't been anywhere near a dog park, where Giardia festers like herpes in Paris. She just got a (heh) clean fecal two weeks ago. This morning, I took her for a walk and I saw the symptoms myself. Fucking fantastic. Collected said output and called the vet. Diagnosis? Yep, Giardia.

2. I have a iron stomach and don't get sick overseas. Was fine the entire time in Mexico. But yesterday, I experienced some.....intestinal issues. The hell? Montezuma's revenge? Yep, I have it and can't seem to hold anything down today. I went to the doctor, scored some Zithromax (or however it is spelled). I am going to order my favorite pizza in a few and hope for the best. I haven't eaten since Copper River salmon last night at our weekly Sopranos get together at the Ps.

3. Clients. Oh sweet hell, am I behind on basic communications. Tomorrow will be a long day.

4. Personal stuff. Been circling around a decision in my head and I think I am really close to doing what needs to be done. Timing is everything and my timing sucks out loud these days. Don't you hate it when you discover exactly what you want at precisely the wrong time?

5. B. As I alluded to in an earlier post, for whatever reason - and alcohol was not a factor - I sent him a text message while in Mexico. I apologized for my role in the demise of our marriage and related thoughts. His response (I read it the next morning) absolutely floored me. B very, very rarely said the right thing at the right time, but he nailed it. I was stunned to tears. We exchanged a few quality text messages and I think (and hope) I obtained whatever closure I still needed. We haven't spoken since I have been back home and it is probably too raw to do that yet. We can't be friends anytime soon, but there are a few fundamental truths about us that remain.

6. Change. I need it. I have been in limbo for entirely too long and the inertia is stifling at this point. Having moved every two years for most of my childhood and a good part of adulthood, combined with the events of the past three years, I am overdue for some big, overhaul changes in my life. Career, home, personal, everything.

7. Physical activity. Have been back at the plan for a while, but am bored and need something else. I signed up today for a soccer team and registered for a weekly rowing club. God, I love summer in Seattle.

8. Further to #6, it is time for some overdue spring cleaning. I need to clean out my closets (literally and figuratively) and get rid of what I don't need. Also need to get B his remaining personal effects. I also am embarking on a plan of redecoration, to make this place my own. Right now, it is a graveyard of a dead relationship and a life that no longer exists. I am going to take it in baby steps, as it is likely that I might not live here for too much longer.

9. Catch up. I can't believe what I have blown off in the past six months. So unlike me in the context of my 36 years. I have friends I have ignored, obligations I just shunned and a shit ton of things I need to do. I think I just got overwhelmed and checked out for the early part of this year. It is sort of amazing how I can mentally check out when I need to.

10. Family. I want to see my brothers more and now my mother is here. The latter is more of a PITA than anything else, but I am going to try to readjust my attitude and not see it that way. I don't know my mother well at all and what I do know usually irritates the shit out of me. My summer goal is to get to know her better (and vice versa) and spend some quality time with her.


Norm said...

Dynamite post. You rock.

Poor Darby. I've managed to dodge Giardia so far in my life. 0.2 micron filters are your friends, but it's hard to train teh dogs to use the filter.

Hope teh Zithro does the trick for you.

We exchanged a few quality text messages

Wow, you really are younger than me. Just a touch ;)

Talix said...

Wow, you really are younger than me.

Geez, Gramps, even Biz and I exchange text messages - especially when the home land line is down and the cell signal in the house is strong enough to text but not to call.

Norm said...

You're younger than me, too!

cornutt said...

Oddly enough, we never did the text message thing. I very rarely used text messages until I got my Crackberry, as it was such a PITA with the Razr phone.

Odder still? Some of our most....memorable exchanges have been via text - both the good and the bad. There was a time where I was forwarding them straight to my attorney.

Texts are kind of like email. Sometimes, it is just easier and faster to say it with a few words, rather than a long, dragged out conversation. Don't count me among the converted, though.