Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hump Day Extraordinare

Closing in on a Wednesday and just got home after two really long days. This will probably post on Friday....

1) Chanel's tinted moisturizer is the shit. Spend the money. Utterly worth it.

2) I need a hobby that photographs well. I like rowing, but I don't look good doing it. No no one does. My hobbies are rowing, playing soccer and reading. Hardly sexy.

3)Stop it. Stop asking me to save B. Not my job. I resigned from that post.

4) Thanks. Seriously, I mean it. Thanks to all who want me to fight a battle I no longer care about. Thanks for the vote of confidence in all things social.

5) Stop with the drunk texts. Never.Going.To.Happen. Never. I don't miss you anymore, B. I don't. Unrelated: am not going to seduce you, just to watch you cheat again. I have no desire to sleep with you or prove any points. Am done. I don't want to revenge fuck you. It was never that interesting in the first instance. Quite frankly, you didn't inspire me, sexually.

6) Google seems nice. Am taking the second interview.


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Norm said...


Reading, unsexy? Wrooooong!