Saturday, May 26, 2007

Viva Mexico!

Holy shit, I am headed out of the country on Monday to go watch K&J get married on the beach. Sofa king excited. I am the maid of honor, emphasis on honor. I do have a housekeeper, so I think I fit the bill.

They truly met at my house (K&J). Two of my very good friends. When does that ever happen? Not often enough. Although a case of mine is blowing the fuck up and I will be working most of the vacation, I can't wait to get there. It can't be a vacation, but I can still chill and unwind. I need these five days to just shut up and think. Fuck me.

We've all done the airbrushed tans and are looking good. We are so overdue for some fun in the sun. All of us. We all work hard and have dramas and issues and it will be nice to get away to another county and deal with it from a distance. Also? Guacamole. Enough said. I intend to eat my weight in it and have nothing else. Huevos and guac for breakfast. Salad with grilled chicken and guac for lunch. Guac and {fill in the protein} for dinner. I can't wait. So excited.

My friends, K&J, they love each other in a way that defies explanation. I dig that. I get it. Quite franky, I know about that. I am long past the point of judging other relationships, but I do get a magical feeling where they are concerned. I am batting a thousand when it comes to being a bridesmaid in a successful relationship and am supremely confident my average will stand with these two.

I am fond of saying that love is a necessary but not sufficient state of mind. These two get it, I think. They are very much in love, have really open lines of communication, and look at each other the way partners -- true partners -- should look at each other. Maid of Honor? Honor, indeed.

On an aside, I saw my brother (elusive #3) tonight and his bride to be. She asked me to be an attendant for her and I couldn't have been more honored. I haven't been the best sister-in-law and I didn't deserve the honor, but take it, I will. She truly is the perfect woman for my perfect (okay, not so much) brother and she loves him deeply. She gets him, knows him, loves him and tolerates him. He seems to know it now, too. I took a picture of them tonight that warmed my heart. My brother waited until he knew, and now? He knows.

Well, fuck, imageshack is down. I'll post it another time. Suffice to say, brother #3 is doing well. And he hugged me tonight as I left -- it was different and awesome. I was MIA for a while and failed him (and the others) as a sibling. Not anymore. We all showed up at my cousin's 30th birthday and that? That is why my family rocks out with our collective cocks out.

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