Friday, May 18, 2007

Feeding off Z

Holy fuck, I am just pissy today and have been for days.

Everybody - and I mean damn near everybody - is pissing me off. I could easily jump down the throats of a dozen people today and I feel like I am just seething underneath my skin. Although I am not typically an angry person, I am taking on the role with restrained enthusiasm. If I lived like this all the time? Yeah, I am starting to understand those folks who say horrible things out of anger. It is definitely a struggle to not react, not let that edge in your voice affect someone else and, above all else, not to respond to the fuckwits.

I am going to have to figure out where to channel this very strong energy. I am behind on so many personal things and am going to account for all of them this weekend. Or, at the very least, make a list of people with whom I need to touch base and fulfill certain obligations. I am going to do some spring cleaning, which I think will generate some much needed momentum in other ways. Organized and clean house, organized mind and all that. I need to rid my physical and mental closets, so to speak.

I have wandered into some really interesting places on the internet. Kind of amazing how much time I spent in just one little corner and, incidentally, holy sweet mother of god has that corner up and gone batshit. But I have discovered some amazing sites and writers and rediscovered my complete awe of the internets. Holy hell - what a resource.

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