Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finish Line

At mine, it is just me, crossing the line.

I don't want anything relating to your career efforts. Yes, they clearly contributed to our demise, but that was your decision, not mine. I would have loved to have you engaged in our daily life, or planning vacations (we took two, first on our honeymoon, second on our first anniversary), but that wasn't in your plan or priority base. Yes, I spent a lot of time on your career efforts, but those were for our long term gain, not mine. Whatever you get for severance and retirement, it surely comes at the expense of us. However, you made that allocation. Everything was more important than us. I was relegated to a positition lower than the aquarium guy or the media guy. You earned your severance. You worked hard for it.

Please just make this easy. I don't want a commitment for fighting for you legally. You alone have the tools and the bargaining position and I've heard you make it. They can't afford a world with a less-than-happy-B and you know it. Take half and put it into trust for your mother. I am not here to claim anything that doesn't belong to me and you earned it, at the cost of your marriage. It isn't the only charge on that bill, to be sure -- you did more than enough to ensure that our relationship was over and done.

Just sign the papers and let the clock start. I don't think we can do anything in three months to save what you ignored in the past two years. You seem to think I was threatening to get more money out of you. You utterly missed the point. When you hire divorce attorneys and private investigators (two years ago, I might add), they coach you on how fighting dirty and pubicly will get you peace. Truth is, it doesn't. I wish I never looked at that fucking envelope that I commisioned two years earlier. But I don't want to become that person who fights to get peace. Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.

I don't want any money out of you. I am refinancing the house to include a new car purchase, as I know that if you were sincere about the new car thing, it would have happened months ago. The good news is that the tax bill is probably smaller, so you can keep more of your bonus. I don't think we will need more than $30k, especially after I pay them a little now.

Just arrange through Damian a time to get the artwork and other stuff you want and I will make every effort to accomodate him.

I also need to know about your closing, as it affects me. I'm on a rapid fire and really expensive re-finance (as I need to accomodate your needs) and I also am trying to get the hell out of town this weekend. I wish I had had the opportunity to shop around on that whole refinance thing, but realize you want to close on your purchase.

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