Thursday, October 04, 2007

Because I'm Worth It

I have my natural hair color back. I had that shitbag of highlights washed out of my hair and I went back to me. This story is ridiculously girly and bloggy. And I don't care. I haven't had my dark hair in three years. It looked at once familiar and foreign. Therein probably lies a metaphor or some introspection, but alas, I am le tired and need a nap.

My hair is dark chocolate - nearly black - and, as I entered my mid-30's, it began to serve as a canvas for the grey hairs that I am genetically predisposed to sport. I put highlights in, for the very first time, about three years ago, because I hated seeing the stray greys. This was probably a month after separating from B. People do stupid shit at such times. I was advised by almost all of my friends not to fuck with my hair, but I did it anyway. I am going to remember this the next time I want a tattoo.

In the intervening three years, my hair has veered towards dark blond, which bothered the fuck out me. I am a brunette in the classical sense. I have never wanted blond hair, as it just doesn't fit with me. Growing up, I never tried to lighten my hair and never entertained thoughts of Marilyn Monroe. I never longed to be blond. Yet when I got those highlights, they inevitably faded to copper, which looks like blond streaks on my dark chocolate canvas of hair. I looked like I was trying to be blond.

Whatevs. This has become about hair, except it isn't. I now have a head of beautiful hair that is back to who I am. I am lucky to have this much hair and, as I walked/ran around Greenlake tonight, I had three people stop me to ask me where I got my hair done. I also met a man with a dog more girly than mine. Hell, Darbs was ready to mount her, and she doesn't swing that way. The guy inherited his dog in his last breakup. I would hate to have had that custody battle with Darby, although I would have won it. God, I love my dog.

One more day. So much to say, but tomorrow is a better day for that. Suffice to say, I have a potential job offer and have asked for a few days to consider it.

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