Saturday, October 20, 2007


And having reread last night's post, I understand why I have a problem with anger. All I could read was textual sneers. I hate how I sounded. I woke up feeling shitty and a need to cleanse. I went to the gym and worked out hard and put all thoughts out of my head.

Got all organized and shit today. I had a laundry list of things I wanted to accomplish and was able to cross a good chunk off. Although I have a host of professional and personal stuff on my radar, I took today to handle a few things I have just neglected. The most amusing was getting my license plates. I got my new car on January 30, 2007, and had a temporary plate that expired on March 16, 2007. I have been driving around for seven months on that temporary plate and never got pulled over or ticketed. I got a standing ovation from my dealership today and they framed my temporary license plate. I also signed up for two dates to babysit the dealership's kids, as he is a very good friend and I love other people's kids.

I also had a pretty self indulgent day. I got a facial, complete with a peel (my first and yes, it kind of hurt). I then went to a running store to get new shoes and actually was counseled by a professional. My right foot is a pronater and it causes a great deal of discomfort when I run, to say nothing of the numbness I tend to experience on the gym machines. This guy asked all the right questions and immediately picked up on my foot quirks. We even went for a quick run around the block, with him five paces behind me to observe, just to ensure I had the right shoe on. I am absolutely stunned how differently I walk and run now. Poor Darby has been on five walks today, as I am basking in the comfort.

I went on a crazy cleaning bender, probably owing to the endorphins, and Darbs is sliding across my newly cleaned floors. I had a moment last weekend where I strongly considered getting a kitten or a cat to keep her company, but after her weird sickness this week, I concluded that I had all the pet I could handle. Especially since I just bought two rugs that I am hoping against hope Darbs doesn't decide to (further) christen.

And Writer Guy. He just left. He has definitely learned that the art of the unexpected date will occur if he just shows up and buzzes me. Lucky for him and me, I was just concluding my aforementioned cleaning bender and everything was as I like it (aside from my kitchen table, which is currently resembling a junk drawer). I was sort of tickled when he immediately recognized the two new rugs and various changes to the condo, but then again, this is a guy who just notices shit. I cannot stress how shitty I looked today (gym+facial+Greenlake run hair), but he noticed that I lost the highlights and had a brighter than usual complexion.

We putzed around the condo for a bit, adjusting random furniture, then lounged on the couch, watching a movie. (Also, I love that he can abide my random Bo Sox cheers and rallies. God love the Boston Red Sox) He wanted to stay, but is pretty cool about me kicking him out. Also, my dog hates everyone but me and the pea, but he comes prepared with bacon in his pocket and she has grown to like him. Except when he left. He hugged and kissed me goodbye, and Darbs went nuts. She tried but failed, to nip at him, then burrowed on the couch in defeat. Writer Guy found it all quite funny, comforted her, then said to me "I'll see you tomorrow at your soccer game."

I didn't tell him the time. If he shows, I will be astounded.

I finished the obit. Will post it here shortly.

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