Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Fuck Off

His response to the email I sent (and posted)?

"Fuck you."

He followed that up with a voice mail that was positively seething, telling me he was going to "contest the divorce" and "bust open everything." Cupcake isn't thinking this one all the way through, as I walked away from a considerable amount of money. This is so goddamn stupid, and the only reason he is bent is because I tried to tell him what to do.

I played his voice mail message to my mom, dad, aunt and everyone else around the table. I had never done that. Never. I kept his batshit secret because I was loyal. If I knew how to convert voice messages to MP3's, I would fucking post it now. I am finally, FINALLY at the point of fighting back. Yes, he will probably end up fucking with me and hurting me in every way he knows how, but fuck it. This is my line in the goddamn sand. Fuck it. I'll go down fighting.

It was a good night with the family. I have so taken mine for granted and I am never going to do that again. I am so very lucky to have mine.

Also, the 'rents took us to a truly shitty movie. Something to talk about tomorrow. Jesus H. Christ. Adam Sandler just isn't my kind of funny anymore.


Talix said...

Isn't the divorce already final? How can he contest it?

cornutt said...

Without boring you with the legal bullshit, he is threatening to contest the divorce because he was mismatched. He didn't hire an attorney (I did), so it was essentially him vs. 2 attorneys. The idea is that he can bully me into accepting a new property settlement agreement in order to avoid the professional and public humiliation of going to trial.

He likes to thump his chest and try to intimidate me, which has worked well for him in the past.

Talix said...

It's your fault that he chose not to hire an attorney? That sucks out loud.