Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lessons Learned From My Brother's Bachelor Party

1. My brothers are always my favorite people to hang out with. Always.

2. Keegan (groom) likes his dive bars and I dig that about him. Although sometimes, there are slightly jarring sights to be seen:

(Yes, that is a very hairy ass, and an arm lovingly wrapped around him and up in his shirt. For every lid, there is a pot.)

3. Keegan is still close friends with his buddies from high school, which he attended for just his senior year and while living with me and B on a 30 foot boat. B and I had been married for just a year at that point. In hindsight, that seems almost surreal, but it was one of the best years of my life. And I love that Keegan has the ability to retain and nurture his long-term friendships.

4. Next year will be a monumental one for Kyle, and that gives me a happy. My brothers are both really happy, well-adjusted men.

5. Being called a SILF by your brother's friends is not nearly as offensive as you might think.

6. Related: Kyle has mad cockblocking skills and isn't afraid to use them. For that, I am grateful.

7. Beer is always your best option if you are looking for endurance and stamina partying. Shots are a surefire way to cut an evening short.

8. Strippers and strip clubs aren't nearly as fun as a party bus filled with friends and family. I am sort of proud that they knew that.

9. The best nights are the ones that you don't overplan and just go with the flow. You cannot organize the kind of night we had last night. Kyle and I got a ride home with the party bus driver, in his own personal vehicle. At 3am.

10. Until last night, I was unaware that my dog held me to a curfew. She feels pretty strongly about it, too.


Norm said...

That's some crack, baby.
Were you already drunk when you took that picture, or did you use your mad James Bond skillz to get the shot without being noticed? *chortle*

Kari said...

You want a funny?

I took the first shot. There were three folks behind me, camera phones at the ready. Twas a spectacle.

Norm said...


That rules.