Monday, December 04, 2006

Your Moment of WTF

Scene: work, trying to make a deadline, ignoring the cell.

Phone call - check the caller ID, see it is B
(Answer phone - professional issue is at its zenith, am seeking updates and information)
B - am meeting with attorney, need advice and guidance
Me - advice and guidance
B - am nearby, need favor -- need to borrow money, forgot wallet, am meeting attorney
(B makes more than me)
Me - Fine, whatever
(meet in lobby of building)
Me - here, have $, tell attorney what I said, ask if he concurs, good luck, put that money back in my account by the end of the week
B - done, thanks, you look amazing
(me: four hours sleep, disoriented, a little groggy, but recently had facial)
Me - Thanks, I guess. Money back in account by end of the week. Good luck
B - hug, kiss on neck, mumbles something about me being "truly the best"
Me - shakes head, turns on heel, heads to elevator back to office
(phone call)
Attorney - B was just here, explained situation, your advice was spot on. What the hell am I here for?
Me - so I don't have to do this anymore - I am le tired and need a nap
Attorney - don't feel right accepting money for advice already given
Me - you're not being paid for advice, you're being paid to take over my role
Attorney - I can't bill for this and you know why. He doesn't need an attorney, he has one in you
Me - What is it going to cost to have you be the person he calls first?
Attorney - He won't ever do that. He doesn't trust anyone's advice but yours. I'm just confirmation
Me - I will pay you whatever the fuck it takes to become his attorney and relieve me from duties
Attorney - I don't think you have that kind of money
Me - Fuck


EDIT: Home, phone call

B: Business of the day

Me: Advice on said business

Him: I wish you were the principal attorney on this

Me: I'm glad I'm not. I want your issue to be over so I can move forward. I can't file our divorce papers until that is done.

B: Oh.

Me: I hope, on some small level of introspection, you realize that I am taking one for a 14 year team that no longer exists. That is taking its toll on me.

B: I would never have been this cool with you. I get it.



Norm said...

Oh for feck's sake.
He's going to stall to draw the business out and make it last longer. Isn't he.

I'm so sorry.
(fucking kangaroos)

IGTF said...

It's about to get a lot worse.

Guess who has said he wants to move to the Emerald City?
Wild guess.
Take it.

Anonymous said...

Fucker doesn't 'get it', and never will.