Monday, September 03, 2007


Would hit it with purposeful abandon - just once - but memorably. Jesus H Christ, he is talented, and of the old school model. I found myself thinking about the Jacksons, of all fucking people, but he is an old school entertainer. He has to be smart. He is too good not to be smart. I think he might be Madonna smart in terms of calculating a career.

One time. Not for any other reason other than to hit it and quit it with someone who has the fucking sack to live deliberately. That part of his personality comes through in spades and it is my soft spot - men who live deliberately. God, how I hate weak men, which, unfortunately, I attract in spades. I at least married a strong man, however flawed. My dating hiatus remains in effect, as I cannot allow myself to be attracted to someone with a weak character or personality. I actually want to be the wallflower in my next relationship. I want someone stronger than me.

I would still hit JT with wild abandon. And Writer Guy has made up a few laps.

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