Monday, April 09, 2007

Meat and Greet

Well, long time no blog. I have had a few soul searching weeks and have come to the conclusion that I don't much care for the internets at the moment. This is primarily owing to my mistakes and errors in judgment. No matter how much it may seem otherwise, items appear differently on the internet than they appear in your mind. It is a social distortion of day to day reality and everyone plays a part of that distortion, even yourself.

Fuck - even I don't understand that last sentence. And no, this has nothing to do with my online married friend. Not anywhere near that ballpark.

But I am nothing if not competitive and the pea is outblogging me and that? I cannot abide. Also, I started this whole thing is a chronicle of where I was and where I was headed. I wish I had stuck to it better, as I have reviewed some of my conversations in the past three months and I realize I wasn't doing as well as I thought. As a wise mentor once told me, you can either strain yourself looking behind you or put your efforts into moving forward. As another wise friend also reminded me, some of my most important relationships and friendships originated online and not everything is distorted.

Along those lines, I am going to meet one of my favorite people from the internets tomorrow, even though I have broken up with the internets for the forseeable future. N has been an internet friend from the beginning and very high on the short list of folks I wanted to meet in person. I think that is because certain friends and relationships transcend the internets and become part of your meatspace existence, even if you haven't met. Other relationships never really ever leave the internet, even if you meet them in meatspace. In any event, I will be meeting N and having meat at some point.

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Norm said...

If you're using euphemisms, I'm blushing.