Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meet the Family

Crazy, work-all-weekend kind of weekend, which leaves me pissy beyond words on this Sunday night. Nothing positive to say, but I was emailed some pictures tonight from my aunt's fiancee (that sounds so goddamn weird) that perked me up.

My aunt Arlene (my best friend and proof of goodness in the world) and brother Kyle (ditto)

Arlene and her son, my cousin Justin. Fantastic human beings, and I cannot believe I am related to them, to say nothing of the fact that they love me back.

Justin and his truly perfect wife, Jennifer. She is also a sister-in-law. She is so darling, and so much fun to be around.

Justin and Elisha (the bride and my new sister in law). I have three brothers, and all of them love Elisha.

My niece Kevan (I LOVE this picture of her), Jennifer, and Katie (Kyle's girlfriend, who is just that adorable, and, most likely, my next sister-in-law)

Jennifer (Justin's wife). I can't take my eyes off this picture. Great shot, Chuck.

That's enough for one night. More to follow, especially if I stay this pissed off and bitchy.

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