Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Deuce Coupe

Last night was one of those few times that I wish I was a picture person, to say nothing of a video person.

After our surreal experience at Craft, we were thoroughly satiated. Dinner would not be able to hold a candle to lunch, so there was no point in trying for high brow dining. We ended up going to Pink Taco, which was right across the street. Pink Taco is a small chain owned by the Morton family and it has the atmosphere of a Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock cafe. Not my usual kind of place, but there was something kind of engaging about the atmosphere.

I am burned out on trying to do the food critic style writing, but suffice to say, it served its purpose. Decent food, really good guacamole, strong margaritas, party atmosphere and thongs available for sale at the front desk.

Afterwards, we went for a ride in my sister's car. As a preliminary matter, "car" is somewhat misleading term. After seeing An Inconvenient Truth, my sister was inspired to reduce her carbon footprint. She will tell you she bought an electric car, and that is literally true. In reality, she bought a kickass golf cart that bears an uncanny resemblance to Archie's jalopy in the old comics.

It can't go more than 35 miles an hour and while I am no stranger to convertibles, it has no roof or doors, either. It reminds me of those cars we used to drive at the Malibu Grand Prix at Disneyworld. Small is an understatement, but cool doesn't even begin to cover it.

We went all over LA, but the highlight was most certainly cruising up and down the Sunset Strip (on a Thursday night). The car has two tiny seats up front and one in back that faces outward (the cars behind you). Kelly was driving, I was shotgun, and my 12 year old niece was bringing up the rear. I could not believe the reaction of the other drivers on the road. That car gets so much attention and people are genuinely stoked when the see it. They take your picture, they honk wildly, they offer to switch cars with you, they pull up next to you and pump their fists in approval - it is just an absolute blast.

(Random: Although I have never, ever wanted a tattoo, if there had been a few more tequila shots AND if I had any creative inspiration for something I would want to permanently etch on my body,I would have gotten a tattoo last night. Yet another close call averted. Here's hoping I can again dodge the urge tonight. Somehow, I don't think "DILF" is something I would want to see on my person in a few years. Whatever, it seemed extraordinarily funny at the time. I blame the fresh smoggy air.)

Kelly has long since tired of the attention and rarely acknowledges the cat calls with more than a nod. I, on the other hand, LOVED it. I waved, flashed peace signs and thumbs up, waved like a beauty pageant contestant, and answered affirmatively to marriage proposals. I also put my hands up in the air when we went down hills, as if I was on Space Mountain. I couldn't believe the universally positive reaction from everybody in uber cool LA. The car(t) obviously doesn't go fast and can hold up traffic, but even that didn't hurt our goodwill. For the very first time, I saw LA as a community with a little soul.

Kelly drives that thing all over LA, with the obvious exception of the freeways. She lives in a pretty central location where that isn't an issue. She gets that reaction every day and the novelty has worn off. Me? I need to get me one of these:

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