Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And, We're Back

I realized after three weeks that this place was my release and my place to tell stories. I missed it, even though I have had little to say. Except I do. More to come later. Now, a story.

Dateline 2004 -- April, I think. This is a random story, but this is my corner of the internet, so whatthefuckever.

Angela is my brow waxer. She is amazing and written up everywhere in girly magazines. I got an appointment through a friend. I had had my brows waxed before (many times), but Angela? She does her job really well -- deride as you will for her chosen profession, but she is as good at her job as I am mine and that is just fucking cool.

So , I am having my brows (and face) waxed by Angela when I decide now is the time to make a comment on the trend of women to "take it all off." I found it bothersome and gross and whatnot. Women wanting to look like preteen girls. Gross. How awful. I had an opinion and I wasn't afraid to share it with Angela, who is also reknown (didn't know) for her quasi-Brazillians.

Angela is a different breed of the human species. She listened to my rant about men wanting pre-teen girls, etc. Then she said "K, there is another viewpoint you might consider." I, not being wont to listen to alternate viewpoints, was skeptical. She said "I think women grooming their (nether regions, she is more clinical), is a positive sign. Women are more comfortable expecting, receiving, and enjoying oral sex, whereas decades prior, they were considered whores for doing it in return."

It made me think, albeit from the odd place where you are half naked, asked a friend to get rid of unwanted hairs from your nether regions. It was an interesting point, to say the least. I know Angela -- she is a client - and I wasn't ready to go full monty on her. But I did do my first bikini wax, which was painful and interesting.

After she waxed me, she recommended that I visit May, her equivalent in the nether regions market, at a totally different salon. I met May and BOOM, we clicked. She explained the whole process in detail, with no shame and, as I was about to go to Cabo for Christmans (first x-mas sans B), I agreed. She shared Angela's philosophy about waxing "down there" and I had my first true Brazlillian wax. It was at once liberating and indignified. Something about hearing her order of "spread your butt cheeks, yes!" threw me off.

And yet. That was over a year ago and I still do it. I don't really know why, although I do agree about the power issue. Mostly it is a question of feeling like I control something, although I don't know what. I don't think that women should look like this -- public hair serves its purpose -- but I'll just let it ride.

Welcome back, loyal readers. I'm sure this was worth the wait.

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IGTF said...

Heh heh heh. I'm the opposite in that regard and have no hair from the neck down. It's just how I like it. Body hair is offensive to me and it grosses me out -especially arm hair. (I have have no explanation for Mike or why his extra-hairyness doesn't bother me.) I shave all of it off with an electric razor and a specialized narrow trimmer. (Except the 'pits which I use a regular razor)
There's no danger of ever confusing my body for that of a preteen, nor do I find kids attractive. It's just one of those things, you know?